It’s May 19. The temperature beyond the front door at 06:30 was -2 celsius. The kelpie, black, trod gingerly across the icy lawn, white. But what a day it’s become!

Acer palmatum frames Viburnum juddii and Chaenomeles speciosa ‘Nivalis’.

View from the road.

Zelkova serrata.

Stephanandra tanakae bought in 2016 from the eclectic @blackwoodridgenursery sadly since closed.

Liquidambar styraciflua framed by still-green Cyrilla racemiflora and Pyrus ussuriensis. Cyrilla turns ruby red brushed with gilt as the cold weather lengthens.

Viburnum juddii.

Phlomis ‘Lemon blush’ against Prunus x subhirtella pendula.

Berberis variety unknown; longing to identify it: opalescent ‘fire’ in autumn, with mixed dark and lime green leaves in spring and summer.

Malus tschonoskii, a Japanese species outlier in the crab family described by Russian botanist Carl Johann Maximowicz as Pyrus in 1876, later moved to Malus by Karl Scneider in 1906, treated as Cormus by Japanese plant taxonomist Gen-ichi Koidzuma three years later, and then in 1930 as Macromeles but afterwards included in his concept of Docyniopsis, as described by @ids.treesandshrubsonline on its fab website. Its epithet acknowledges species collector Chonosuke Sukawa, who worked with Maximowicz in the field. Exhausted by travels through its would-be families, it’s lodged with Malus, but don’t be surprised if it moves house!

Camellia sasanqua ‘Mine-no-yuki’ (Snow on the ridge) framed by Acer palmatum.

The kelpie in the frost.