wallasey-beaumaris amelanchier canadensis x grandiflora 130928 IMG_4544

WHEN we came to Wallasey-Beaumaris in August 2013 the diversity of the garden’s planting amazed us. And still it does. Daily we discover new things. But there was no extant plant list and and our identification of the garden’s rarer trees and shrubs continues. By our own research and with the help, guidance and suggestions of friends we are trying to recreate such a list. The Royal Horticultural Society’s identification service in the United Kingdom has also been invaluable – our referee when all else stumps us. Through its gardeners we were able to give a name to the spectacular Canadian serviceberry Amelanchier canadensis x grandiflora, shown here, which flowered within a few weeks of our move to Beechworth.

Should you be able to identify some of the plants shown here or in @beechworthgardener, or point our attempts to the correct name, then we would be pleased to have your advice at dig@beechworthgardener.com. Thank you.

All images are of Wallasey-Beaumaris garden unless otherwise indicated in the Cuttings blog posts.