Fruits of the family Rosaceae in Wallasey-Beaumaris garden near Beechworth this afternoon –

Noon: Rosa floribunda ‘Altissimo’, Delbard-Chabert, France 1966
14:00: R. sino-wilsonii, eastern Himalaya
15:00: R. gallica ‘Violacea’ or ‘La Belle Sultane’, south-eastern Europe, eighteenth century
16:00: R. moyseii ‘Geranium’, Royal Horticultural Society Wisley, United Kingdom 1938
18:00: R. canina, Europe and western Asia
20:00: R. unknown single mauve-pink
21:00: R. gallica hybrid ‘Scharlachglut’ (Scarlet Fire), Kordes, Germany 1952
22:00: R. brunonii ‘Himalayan musk rose’, Kashmir, Afghanistan and south-western China
Centre: Malus tschonoskii, Japan