With such an abundant spring, it was too tempting to cut roses for the house yesterday (just ahead of a cracking storm!).

First: gold-pink China rose ‘Mutabilis’ (syn. ‘Tipo Ideale’), moon-like ‘Leander’ (Austin 1982), old velvet hybrid perpetual lilac-blue ‘Reine des Violettes’ (Millet-Malet 1860), gallica purple ‘La Belle Sultane’ (syn. ‘Violacea’ 1700s), pink small-flowered bitey climber name unknown, and gallica hybrid cherry-red single ‘Scharlaglut’ (Kordes 1952).

Second: from nine o’clock – rambler possibly ‘Apple Blossom’, ‘Reine des Violettes’, noisette ‘Lamarque’ (Maréchal 1830) barely visible, ‘Abraham Darby (Austin 1985), gallica hybrid ‘Dupontii’ (France early 1800s), ‘Leander’, ‘Scharlaglut’, centre ‘La Belle Sultane’.

Third: one-in, all-in. Fourth: on the sofa table.